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Mental Health At Work - what can employers do to tackle it?

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The Stevenson / Farmer review, called Thriving At Work is an independent review published in October, detailing how employers can better support the mental health of employees, including those with mental health problems or poor well-being.

It contains 40 recommendations, including:


  • adopting certain mental health core standards, set out in the report;
  • private sector (and public sector) employers with over 500 employees, should take additional steps;
  • legislation encouraging workers to report publicly on their workforce's mental health;
  • professional bodies implementing training and support measures for their employer members.


It was also World Mental Health Day on 10th Oct — the theme this year was MENTAL HEALTH IN THE WORKPLACE. Acas also released a new guidance booklet to help tackle stress at work: Promoting Positive Mental Health in the Workplace.


Comment: Mental health issues affecting work really is becoming a major, and sadly, common issue for employers to deal with now. It is one of the hardest and most frustrating to deal with for many reasons and it helps to manage the process objectively right from the off once it is suspected that there is a problem. Getting advice and talking things through is advisable.

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