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Brexit Update on Employment Laws

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The Government has now published its White Paper 'The Future Relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union'. Click here HERE to read it.


Interestingly (and rather unexpectedly as it’s contrary to previous predictions) at para 123 on page 40, it proposes that there be NO REGRESSION IN EMPLOYMENT LAWS:


“Given this strong record, and in the context of the UK’s vision for the future relationship with the EU, the UK proposes that the UK and the EU commit to the non-regression of labour standards. The UK and the EU should also commit to uphold their obligations deriving from their International Labour Organisation commitments.”


This means that NO EU based laws will be repealed - so TUPE, the Working Time Regulations, collective consultation requirements and much of our discrimination legislation would not be amended when we leave the EU.




The expectation of only a few welcomed changes to existing employment laws once Brexit occurred — including a relaxation of the restrictions on harmonising terms and conditions following TUPE; relaxation of collective consultation requirements in redundancy situations; and alot of the Working Time Regulations, may not occur if the White Paper plans are to happen. But of course, that assumes a deal is reached….and right now that is not even secure the way things are going!

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