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HR Solutions

How we can help



APPRAISAL & PERFORMANCE: We can provide an online Appraisal tool (Dinamiks) or help you design your own tailored process and documentation. Increasing individual and organisational performance levels and reducing the incidence of poor performance is vital to ensure the ongoing success and viability of your business.


HR DOCUMENTS: At any stage of the employment relationship, and in conjunction with any advice we give, we can provide the most suitable and tailored employment related documentation for your organisation.

  • Contracts of Employment - We can provide tailored contracts for your individual requirements — PERM, TEMP, ZERO-HOURS etc
  • Staff Handbook - We can produce tailored Staff Handbook or stand alone policies and procedures for your business.


EMPLOYMENT LAW COMPLIANCE:: - We keep abreast of the latest legal developments to ensure you have the most up to date information to hand to manage your HR function. Our retained clients also have access to an legal resource information website.


HR PARTNER INFORMATION SYSTEM: - Our cloud based 24/7 access to your staff details and documents. Simple to set up and easy to use, this HRIS will save management time and money simply by easing the flow of staff data and documents.


TERMINATION: - Redundancy and dismissal management support. Legal compliance and having an effective plan to follow at these highly emotional and stressful times are vital, and we can guide you through the maze step by step.


COSTS: - Our packages are tailor-made to suit YOUR specific needs and budget.