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Employment Law Compliance

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Employment law impacts upon, and can influence, every area of the employment relationship, from recruitment to retirement. You can be assured we will ensure you are legally compliant in your Personnel/ HR function.


It can cause the biggest headache for employers because it’s a ‘grey’ area and constantly changing and developing due to both legislation and case law (European & domestic). It could affect your business plans or how you want deal with your employment issues so it’s important you have the most up to date and correct information available to make the right decisions.


We keep abreast of the latest legal developments to ensure you have the most up to date information to make informed decisions. Furthermore, any advice will be given with your specific organisation in mind, regardless of the business sector you’re in. Our approach is to give you the most suitable and legally correct advice preferably before you take action since prevention is better than cure in most cases.


However, should things have gone wrong with the employment relationship we can take a damage limitation approach and work with you to find an appropriate solution to resolve the situation satisfactorily.




We have a close working relationship with a niche employment law firm based in Lincoln that will defend and represent any Employment Tribunal claim for our clients – at a discounted fee rate.


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