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HR Partner - HRIS (HR Information System)

Efficient Records



Efficient records and administration of your personnel records is regulated by law, and as such can be a complex, time critical, sensitive, high risk and time consuming task.


Our cloud based HR Partner information management and recording system helps employers to improve HR control and standardise complex HR processes, enabling you to simply look after your employees better.


It is simple to set up and easy to use, and it’ll save you time and money simply by easing the flow of staff data and documents.


With all your personnel records stored online “in the cloud”, you can also easily append any other background data and documents to form a complete employment history, including for example any legal advice received in relation to a particular disciplinary issue, or the objectives arising from an appraisal. This enables you to make quicker and much better informed decisions on key HR issues.


The system also allows you to store HR/ legal documents and data in one central place, making them easy to share and instantly accessible anytime from anywhere with web access. By making your HR policies, processes and changes available to all staff online, you can significantly reduce your risk of non-compliance.


As part of the system it is completely managed and hosted for you, so you avoid all the big costs and hassle normally associated with running an expensive server, purchasing and installing software and updates, and covering costly IT and maintenance charges.


The system can be tailored to give any number of users different levels of access, depending on their status/authority. You can also have your organisation logo on the opening page so it is fully branded!


The following demo links demonstrate the different levels of access:


# Administrator:  HR Partner - Administrator view


# Manager:  HR Partner - Manager view


# Employee:  HR Partner - Employee view



Cost – From only £30+VAT per month. For a tailored quote please contact us on 0845 331 2325. Note: An added benefit for Retained Clients who choose to have the system as part of their service – we will insert all the relevant details for all staff on the system for you – for FREE!

HR Partner